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Developing winning proposals requires discipline, knowledge and skilled proposal people who have

sufficient time and direction to do a good job. Here are some of the tools that can assist them:



Kickoff Meeting


The proposals manager should hold a kickoff meeting to initiate proposal development. At this meeting they discuss the key issues, compliance matrix, proposal outline, executive summary and proposal strategy - all of which help all parties involved create a first class proposal right first time.



Compliance Matrix


To receive the highest evaluated score, proposals must be totally responsive to the customer’s RFP/ ITB. A compliance matrix lists all the requirements in order and helps the proposal writers meet all the tender requirements.



Section Themes


In a good proposal every section opens with a theme statement that highlights the key features of the sections and links them to the benefits the customer receives. The proofs of those benefits should appear in the body of the section.



Proposal Outline


The proposal manager should create a proposal outline to distribute to the writers during the kickoff meeting. This outline should be based on the compliance matrix and may include the themes or messages that each writer has to weave into his section of the proposal. If it does contain themes this is called a thematic outline.



Visuals and Action Captions


Research shows that many readers receive most of their information from visuals rather than text. So the proposal should be highly visual. In a good proposal the ratio of visuals to text is about 1 to 3.


Every visual should have a caption that tells readers how to interpret it. One should not leave to chance what the reader gets out of the visual. The caption should highlight the key features of the visual and the benefits of those features to the customer.







Figure: Bulldozer pushing sand to reinforce berm. Illustrative example of visuals supporting and making the narrative more eye catching.

Proposal Development


The importance of good communication. Or telepathy as the alternate!

An “armchair scheduler” or frontline messenger?

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Love them or hate them. How to conduct successful productive meetings.

Funny, but true. Video on the functions of Project Controls.


Settings do matter: pick the wrong settings and your schedule’s output will be meaningless.

What the text books didn’t tell you
Primavera P6 Settings
Video - Project Controls

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50% Science, 50% Art, 100% Communication

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